My name is Taras Savytskyi. I am a Product Designer focused on UI/UX and visual design. Currently, I'm working at Statflo and leading design for "Textkit" one-to-one business text messaging platform. My interests lie in creating intuitive and delightful experiences that people will love to use in day to day lives.

I have previously worked at several companies like 360Insights, Horizn and Ultramar, where I gained experience designing SaaS products for different users and organizations.

As a curious and empathetic designer, I continuously scan the environment to stay current on the latest trends & technological progress. I am very keen on joining a forward-thinking organization to add value through a great user experience design. 

Based in Toronto, ON, Canada
Email: me@taras.link

Medium: @TarasSavytskyi
LinkedIn: @tsavytskyi´╗┐
Twitter: @TarasSavytskyi´╗┐