Calendar App.
Process of Creation

Before becoming a design studio, Infinity Intelligence had its own product. It was a Calendar app for Android and iOS. Despite the fact, it never got out alpha stage, but we have done a pretty good job with the interface and overall UX of the app.

I still have a lot of files with animation and interface design, UX process, and some thought about today’s market of calendar apps.

We planned to release the first version of the app for Android and only after for iOS. Our team started working on the app for Android at the end of 2015. At that time Microsoft acquired Sunrise Calendar and announce discontinuing of its functionality and merging into Outlook Mobile. We wanted to bring something similar to the market but with a fresh look and some unique functionality.

The biggest problem was how to display a big amount of data on small screens. At that time the large screen wasn’t popular like today, and we had to deal with that. According to this study ( the most popular size was 640 by 1136 pixels which is a size of iPhone 5.

Also, I've tried all the possible options of where to place navigation. On this picture, you can see only three final ideas.

Animations of Interactions

On this picture, you can see the early version for iOS. We've tried to be consistent across mobile platforms and match experience for all users.

Basic Userflow

Some early explorations of the app icon for Android, iOS, macOS